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Wasted a couple of hours trying to download App. "This item no longer available" is the message with iOS 10.1.1 ... tech support was not able to help at all...sigh

Wasted a couple of hours trying to download App. "This item no longer available" is the message with iOS 10.1.1 ... tech support was not able to help at all...sigh


Keep getting notices thru app but can not read them or get rid of them. Keep telling me to setup app in settings. I do the required setting and still can not read them or get rid of them. When I call up alerts for push notifications I can not turn them on. Device Settings are turned on for these.

Decent, a few problems

I’ve only had a few minor problems with Touch ID on my iPad and getting into my account. My biggest problem that has run a lot of confusion and issues as of late leaving me in a big problem is the fact that there are messages and account information I found that only go to Online Banking and have no notification or even an inkling to visit there to open such messages on the mobile app to visit online banking to open them. I have used the mobile site almost daily to check balance, have notifications set up, yet these very important claim messages for a issue I had never showed up in emails, or in the app and I was misinformed about it being there. Please fix this in all your apps! At least have it show that we need to visit the online site to open these messages!

Can’t shut off “Erica” virtual assistant or get back screen from that floating button

Bank of America is trying to promote use of a virtual (voice) assistant like Siri, Alexa, et alia, they’ve named “Erica” and forced it to the fore with a “floating button” with their logo in the bottom right corner of the application screen. It is currently impossible to turn off the button or disable the assistant if you don’t want it. I recommend not using Bank of America’s IOS mobile applications until this serious user/customer experience deficiency is fixed by provision in the next version of the app for exactly what I’ve asked for: a way to shut Erica off permanently. Do your banking with them in your Web browser (plus you can filter ads in Safari with a content blocker) whether on iPhone, iPad, or your Mac. Or in person at their branches - you can tell the teller that you prefer them to the virtual teller that BofA is clearly trying to build to replace them.

Due date incorrect

When notified by an alert that new credit card billing has been posted the app shows a payment due date of the previous months invoice due date!


Unfortunately this app is no better than my phone app. For instance, when I look at Bill Pay I like to see the history and a complete list of my Bill pay clients. In general, it is very limited in scope ... the online PC application is much more complete. I hoped to replace my laptop with this iPad Pro ... this is only one of the uses where it’s compromised.

Nicely laid out, crashes constantly

Hard to use and app that doesn’t actually let you do things. Tried to set up travel notice, and it crashed in the middle every time. IPhone app built out much better, was able to complete transactions and the notice.

Not safe to use

Do not use this app!!! B of A will not allow you sign in through a VPN. I was told this was against their security protocols. In what universe does this make any semblance of logical sense?? So if I am in a coffee shop on an unsecured WiFi network, I have to sign in with NO security. Perhaps the IT VP should be replaced with a 12 year old girl that certainly knows more about internet security than that VP does. Total incompetent behavior.

Multi factor friction, no ShopSafe support, no FICO support (on iPad )

1.) Multi factor authentication requires multiple clicks even if you only have ONE email address or ONE text message number. Please remove this extra step (if you have one contact method for each *type*). It is painful if you use when login every time and the unnecessary friction discourages the extra security. 2.) No ShopSafe support on iPhone or iPad. 3.) No FICO credit score support on iPad What happened to mobile first? #Failure

How to fix TouchID

If you're having TouchID login issues, eg, using TouchID and nothing happens. Try this. It fixed it for me. 1. Login using your password (obviously it's the only way to login if TouchID doesn't work). 2. Once you're logged into your BofA account, disable TouchID in settings. 3. After TouchID is disabled, log out of your account. 4. Close and reopen the app. 5. Login using your password again but also put a check in the box next to your password to setup TouchID. Then tap login. 6. Go through the TouchID setup process. 7. TouchID should work now. I suggest resetting TouchID after every app update.

Memo on billpay using IPad & Iphone

Why don't you add the option of writing a memo when using iPhone or iPad to pay with billpay ??? I can't pay without that option , none can.


I haven’t had any issues with this app but today discovered I can’t make transfers using the iPad app. This is what I tried to make it work. I deleted the app. I downloaded it again and the transfer pop up worked on first try but when I closed the app and tried again it was a no go. I am using an iPad. It’s sporadic however when it doesn’t work what I have to do is kill sort of speak then open the app back up and the transfer option that pops up from the bottom will work. Also this just started happening with the last update until then I thought for my use the app was perfect no problems at all.

No access AT ALL

I have absolutely no access to my bank account at all! Password changes work fine, but nothing else. This needs immediate attention and fixing immediately!

Car Shopping?! No thanks!

This update adds "one-stop car shopping"? Who the heck wants to car shop in their banking app? This seems to me antithetical to an secure app for your banking transactions. Would you like to upgrade to the CAR SALES version of (what used to be) your banking app? Is CAR SALES a "service you need" (as the developer suggests) in your banking app? Would you like to have other NON-BANK STUFF marketed to you thru (what was) your banking app? NO THANKS!!!!

Bank/Investment App

I’ve been with ML for 7 years, my family for 80 years. The banking app with the Edge self-directed investment platform are great. The new technical app for charting is a great addition and the educational material available is super.

Good app

Good app, could be easier to use like the iPhone app though.

1st issue since origin

I’ve been using the app since it first was developed and it has continued to improve over the years. I’ve found it to be a real time saver for most of my banking issues. Last night I encountered my first problem. I try to enter a travel notification and I almost finish (with duration, and destinations) then when it comes to Notification Preferences, the App crashes. I am using iOS 11.2.6 and BoA Mobile Banking version 7.7.0.... Still a valuable app, just a little tarnish now....

Unable to setup alerts

I am unable to get the alerts to setup even after setting push notifications on ipad

The best

I am very satisfied with this app and with Bank Of America in general. The app it’s easy tu manage and you can do everything without going out of your home. Thanks Bank of America. You are the best.

Can I get landscape view on the iPad?

I like the app, but haven’t found how to turn it from portrait view to horizontal on my iPad. Can that be done?

not a good working app still

I still can’t access the website nor the app which is very frustrating. The developer got back with me on things to do to fix it, but it still continues to be trash.


The version on my Android has more features, like labeling transactions. Feels like it’s a year behind.

Can’t use app to pay bill without setup in website first

What a joke, i have to sign in to the website to setup bill pay before I can use the app to make my monthly payment? Why bother with the app then /uninstall.

Needs update/works great after reinstall.

For some reason Touch ID is not working, please update. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Everything works great now.

TouchID broken

Every time I try to log in using TouchID nothing happens and I still need to enter my password. Another thing I tried to do was change my mailing address. I would go to edit and save and it would bounce me right out of the app. When I got back in, the address was the same as before.


This used to be a good app, but now it’s buggy. Two of the bugs I struggle with: (1) Touch ID does not work. The dialog box pops up, but my fingerprint always results in an error message, so I have to input my passcode manually. (2) If I have a series of bills, the last item in Bill Pay always results in an error message. This is often misleading because sometimes when I go into the website on my Mac, I find the bill has been paid and sometimes not. Update: Hi Mike, thanks for getting back to me. I’m using an iPad Pro with iOS 11.2.6, although these same problems have persisted through earlier versions too. I use WiFi. Also, I have two fingerprints registered, but neither works. Touvh ID does work for other apps, however. UPDATE 2/28/2018: Mike — The process you suggested of going into Profile & Settings and turning Touch ID off and on again worked. I am now able to use Touch ID. Thanks! I have updated my rating to three stars. The Bill Pay feature is still buggy.

Additional Principal Payment Feature

This is my first car loan with Bank of America & something that truly aggravates me is that if I want to make an additional payment to the principal, I have to mail it as there is no way to it via the app. I can't be the only person annoyed by this.


Have notification Alert that I can not remove. BOA tech support could offer no solution.

Bill Pay is Pretty Awful

Bill Pay feature is crude and limiting. Cannot type in anything but numbers in the “Account #” field; many account “numbers” contain letters and symbols. So it’s pretty useless and annoying to be held back in some previous era due to such senseless limitations.

Great app

Great app. Works well. But at times buggy, non responsive at time. Not to bad, but great interactive app. Thanks

Terrible app

I do not use this app for banking. I go directly online to pay bills, etc. This app is clunky and not intuitive.

Tablet login issue

I mostly use the app on my phone but I recently wanted to use the app on my iPad. Few weeks ago my wife said her password was not being excepted right after she changed it. She changed it more than a couple time but it kept prompting her to change her password, now I am occurring the same issue. Don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this issue but i would have figured it would of been fixed by now.

Nice app, but VPN issue

The app had been working well when suddenly, out of the blue, I was unable to establish a connection through my VPN. My other online banking apps were still working fine, including the BoA app on my iPhone. Strange. Based on online reports of issues using the BoA app through a VPN, I changed the VPN’s server location from DC to NYC, and immediately had no problem connecting. Apparently someone at BoA blacklisted the Washington IP address. (Perhaps an attack was launched through that address; who knows?) The iPhone was running through the NYC server right along, explaining why there was no problem on the phone. Anyway, I’ve upped the review to 4 stars - not 5, because along with a lot of other folks I too would like to be able to access ShopSafe through the app. I imagine this is a non-trivial enhancement. Finally, my appreciation to developer Mike, who has been very responsive in trying to help me resolve the problem. Many thanks!

Makes Life Easier

My favorite thing about this app is that I can deposit checks from anywhere. I travel and spend most summers in a state where B of A doesn't exist, and now just have to take a picture of the front and back of the check from the app. I will give it 5 Stars as soon as they fix the app so I Can once again scroll through the list of my creditors and fill in the amounts, then hit the pay button. Now I can only find how to look up one creditor at a time.

Real time alerts

Can you add real time alerts when using debit card not hours or days later

Works great

Only thing that I would ask for is a calculator built into the app. I like to calculate the finances but I to switch between the application and the calculator. This does get a bit tedious after a while. So it would be a welcomed addition to app

Bugs bugs & more bugs

Can’t get into this app when I do get into it won’t let me open my accounts. Please fix this.

Can’t see credit card available balance

Why would the iPad app have less functionality than the iPhone app? This doesn’t make any sense.

Always in Portrait View

App works fine but I really don’t like portrait view.

There is no sign out!?

Where the sign out???

Slow download

It has been in loading mode for 30mins. Tried earlier left it on for an hour

Love this app

I have been a Bank of America customer since 1975. I’ve been using this app for about one year on both my iPhone and my iPad Pro. It is fantastic. I have had no problems and it meets all my banking needs. I travel a lot for my company particularly overseas and this app has been a lifesaver. It is the best banking app I have used. strongly recommend it for everyone to make their life and mobile banking effortless and more secure.

Needs work

I pay bills with several different credit card companies. This app is functional, but definitely needs work. 1) When I’m paying my balance on my card, I get a nice pop-up menu that gives me a choice of dates, with the due date highlighted. That’s good. But as to the amount I owe? I have to cancel out of the payment dialog, look that up, write it down on paper (can’t copy it!), and then go back to the pay bill dialog and then type it in. 2) American Express rewards points balance is visible. But to check on expiration dates or anything, the screen says I have to log in to my account. But I’m already logged in, and there’s no way to re-log in. I guess I’ll need to open up the website... Come on, BofA, you can make your app as least as good as those of competing companies, can’t you?


I have a BOA credit card and have had one for 23 years. Looking for a easy to use application I tried BOA first. When I downloaded this application I was looking for a credit card account option. There was none. So I removed the application. I then found a application I liked with AE. And proceeded to use that for 4 years. Then one day I decided to try BOA again and could believe they did not have a iPad application. I sent in a review claiming BOA did not have a iPad credit card app for credit cards. After receiving a reply from BOA claiming that they indeed had a iPad app. So I downloaded again. And sure enough they do have a way to access your account BUT it is under bank accounts. I have to say I do not consider a credit card account a bank account. That confusion caused me to use AE and at $3 to $4 thousand a month in expenses it amounts to a lot. Possibly you could change the app to Bank or Credit Card Accounts.

Great banking app

This is the easiest way to bank by far.

New problem

The app has never given me any problem until now. It will no longer let me sign in with a fingerprint (although the app claims that feature is active). Rebooting the app didn’t resolve the problem. I have the latest os (it is horrible and has innumerable problems) on an iPad Air 2.

Odd security choices

I like the app for the layout that is specific for ipad. However my biggest complaint is that it does NOT work when connected to a VPN. I enable VPN whenever I am using my iPad on an untrusted WiFi (which is often any that isn’t my house) and yet I can’t use this app because for some reason it won’t load or access any resources while it’s on. Every other app on my ipad can work with a VPN but BofA. Very low rating for not allowing connections while using VPN

Touch ID on iPad broken

You guys broke Touch ID with your December update. Please fix it. Response to developer: iPad Pro 10” a1701 and I am using the latest version of iOS 11.2.1. I updated my iOS today and Touch ID still doesn’t work.

The touch id worked for ios 11

Great app

Bad check deposit

When trying to snap images of check for deposit, the continue button remains grayed out, even though ipad air took the image. It will not let me proceed so i can deposit checks through the app.

Need improvement

I am not receiving text with my balance

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