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Wasted a couple of hours trying to download App. "This item no longer available" is the message with iOS 10.1.1 ... tech support was not able to help at all...sigh

Wasted a couple of hours trying to download App. "This item no longer available" is the message with iOS 10.1.1 ... tech support was not able to help at all...sigh

Can’t view check images!

On my iPad, I can’t view check images which is really disappointing. I always need to go to my iPhone mobile app to do this and it doesn’t save me time. What is the difficulty? I have a new iPad Pro and its totally up to date so get on board!

Cannot log in at ALL

App continues to request that I enter my account ID, credit card and social security information, sends me a new code and then forces me to change my password. After successfully changing the password, I cannot log in and the app forces me back into the same process....


I wish the iPad version was as up to date as the iPhone version. I love looking at my dashboard. Sure I can do it on my phone but it would great to have the option on my iPad.


My Mac laptop died and I can’t afford to replace right now so I’m forced to use my iPad. This app needs to be updated you can’t see the budget. The bill pay is not easy to use I likes seeing all the bills I had paid in the passed year helped me not to forget to pay one that doesn’t have ebill. Please update!

Love the app

It’s a great only wish one could setup recurring payments and e checks or e payments on the app

Works, but needs improvement

I scheduled a bill payment. I was told there was an error, but it actually succeeded. Also in ‘bill pay’, the amount in ‘scheduled today’ is misleading, should be ‘scheduled later’. The iPhone version is great, so I am sure you can catch up.

Reallly wish I could access all tools from website on the app

Specifically wish I could see everything in the Tools & Investing tab that’s available on the desktop version. Currently app is a bare bones version of the website with ability to do deposit checks.


Missing ShopSafe for years. Also, multi-factor authentication has unnecessary clicks and additional friction that can easily be removed... For example, if I only have one cell phone or email why do I need to select the only option? #Fail

Works but isn’t elegant in any way.

The app seems like it was created when app development was in its early stages. Searching for specific transactions is unreliable and doesn’t make it easy to list all transactions for specific payees. Also, I still can’t figure out how to setup reoccurring payments.

Facelift required

The app itself does the job well. However, it does require a bit of a facelift. The app is very reminiscent of the late IOS 6.


What did you do that I can no longer see my information in the view I prefer? Now I can only see it by turning my IPad on end, which I hate.

Budgeting for iPad version?

Where is spending & budgeting selection for iPad version?


Often fails to connect. When that happens, I can connect from my iPhone at the same time. Problem with iPand app??

Touch ID

Dose not work for iPad Touch ID


I keep getting symbol of a clock that is on corner of app. Why does this keep coming up and what does it mean?

Needs improvement

I have the iPhone app and use it all the time. In Downloading this app for iPad, I found it lacking in comparison to the iPhone app. I thought it would be at least comparable. The iPhone app is outstanding. I hope there is a revamp in the works for the iPad app. My laptop is on its way out and was hoping to use my iPad only for finances until I can get another computer.

No autopay with this app

Why do I always have to go to my laptop when I try to edit or setup a recurring payment? When I look at mobile banking and online banking, the payment schedule does not match! One shows all scheduled payments including autopay, the other excludes them.

Touch ID issues, no chat support

Been using the app for some time. Touch ID suddenly stopped working, and could not set it up again even after reinstalling the app twice. Works fine on my iPhone though. Customer support only by calling.

Unable to type letters into payee a/c information for online banking

Amazingly this app will not longer allow you to type letters in online banking for payee account information; only numbers are accepted. Normally I’d give this app 5 stars, but this glitch renders the app mostly useless.


This feature sounds and looks great, but I am unable to get it set up completely, on my iPad. I can see the ad for it and read some of the reviews, but I cannot navigate to the page where it says I have successfully set it up. When I try to start over from the beginning and look for Erica or “contact us” she is not there!

Where’s the dashboard?

Love the dashboard on iPhone app, where’s the dashboard on iPad?

Bill Pay Change

I use this app all the time. ( and the website also). I liked the prior version that showed all upcoming reminders for the month. I know you can select when you see them or get notified but I liked the “ look ahead” feature on the old version. In my mind I know a bill is coming up, but unless I remember how many days notice I put in, I’m left always hoping that it is coming. Much nicer when I’m looking in the site to just see the look ahead and know that when the reminder date arrives, I’ll get the notice. Thanks for Considering this change.

Don’t this app work

0 out of 1 nothing not even one star...

iPhone app is 10x better

Feels like they haven’t updated the iPad app in a while as it’s lacking a lot of features that the iPhone version supports.

iPad 2

Touch ID isn’t working on my new iPad. I have to manually enter my password every time. I don’t have this problem with the iPhone 8!

Problem with notifications

4th review 7-3-18 Still no answer and still not working correctly... 3rd review: Sent 7-26-18 I did everything Mike said to do and it still isn’t working. The notifications are turned on, the banner is set, the do not disturb is off but the icon still shows 4 notifications but when I log on it tells me that the notifications are turned off. Original review: I’ve used this app for several years and have never had a problem until recently. The app Icon shows I have notifications but when I log on to see them it tells me that my notifications are turned off and to go to settings. My notifications are on. I have even contacted Bank of America and they verify that my notifications are on. I don’t have any problem with my Android phone. I can see my notifications just fine so it has to be something with Apple. 2nd review : Sent 7-24-18 Mike replied to my dilemma and I followed all his instructions... I went to Settings>notification>bank of America app and my notifications were turned on. Then I went to settings>notifications>and my banners were on. Finally I went to settings>do not disturb and it was already turned off. My Bank of America app still shows I have notifications but when I log onto Bank of America it still tells me that my notifications are turned off and i cannot view them. Like I said before I can see them on the Bank of America app on my Samsung android phone but not on my Apple iPad. Any other suggestions?

App will not load

The app just keeps spinning and spinning. Eventually pops up a failure message and asks me to retry later. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. I have performed several “hard reboots” (ie: holding home and power to hard reset.) BOA app will not load. iPad Pro 15, iOS 11.1, BOA app v7.7.12


I see someone else has had problems transferring money as I have twice now. I have deleted app and now downloading again. I called customer service and she said to try this. I hope this will be fixed in the near future, otherwise I’ve had no real issues with this app. I use it daily.

Touch ID

Does not work. When I touch it There is no response and have to manually enter password

Bill pay no good

Looked around for 5 minutes and could not figure out how to do bill pay.

What the what??

I have been using this app for a while. I never really liked it. But now it opens in some sort of big screen mode and can only be viewed vertically. No horizontal view. Therefore you are not able to view complete individual transactions left to right - no scroll over. There is no way to access other needs such as transfers, open a new account, or anything else, including sign out.

I want to order checks but I find no way to do so on line!

I. I want to order Checks on line but there seems to be no way!

Had to call support twice

This app is ridiculous. I had to call support twice to try to retrieve my sign in info since I couldn’t update my phone numbers (one on file that wasn’t even a number I’ve ever had). The first call allowed me to change my phone number and email address (after answering a million security questions)but then the app STILL didn’t allow me to retrieve my info. I called support AGAIN and they told me it would take 24 HOURS to be registered! That’s unacceptable. They gave me an authorization code to bypass the phone number section and the app kept crashing every time I tried to enter it. I switched over to my phone and was able to change my user ID and passcode there, so I went back to the app on my iPad to try to sign in. NO SUCH LUCK! It informed me I needed an authorization code AGAIN and when I entered the code, it had expired since codes only last 10 minutes. I’m frustrated and angry that I can’t access my info.

Billpay drafts

The bank has changed the way they deduct billpay amounts from available balances. Th amounts are not deducted until the bank check clears (as it should). Problem is, there is no tracking of the amounts of these drafts unless you track them yourself outside of the app (back to the checkbook). Just plain stupid.

Touch ID is not working anymore

No longer working properly with this version. Please fix. On my iPhone, Touch ID no longer work properly. UPDATE 7/5/18: A quick response from the developer (Mike) helped to resolve this issue! Uninstalling/Reinstalling the app resolved the issue. Rating now upgraded to 4 stars! (Thanks, Mike!) I understand that the development team is working on upgrading the iPad app similar to the functionality of the current iPhone app. That will certainly boost my rating to 5 stars!

Quit working

Just keeps spinning like it is trying to start up I removed app and downloaded again. Did not help

App shut down!

While trying to set up travel notices, the app shuts down when trying to enter contact information. The "save" button did not highlight after entering the travel dates and destination information was entered. Thanks for the fix!

Works fine now that we can disable Erica

The app is fine. However, I don't like the way the app closes with one final advertisement. Makes it appear like you didn't quite close the app. Psych! Faked you out.

I like iPhone version!

It’s convenient and most importantly SECURE! The iPad version does not show credit card due dates or balances?? Not good.


All of a sudden transfers between BOA accounts does not work anymore. Update: worked for couple days on iPad. Now not working again.

Won’t let me sign in

The iPad app no longer accepts my long my user name. It caps out at around 12 characters and will not allow for additional characters to be typed in. Used to work fine, must be a new glitch.

iPad app outdated interface

BofA needs to update the iPad app to match the same latest and greatest technology features and look/feel that are on the iPhone app. Getting to the same tasks and account information are not symmetrical; in other words: making it longer and more challenging to find what you're looking for. Please please update the iPad interface!

Billpay Account numbers

This app will not let you set up bill pay for a payee that assigns you an account number that includes a non-numeric character. Very annoying. Please fix this, BoA!

Transfers Stopped Working

I have been using this App for some time with good success, however recently the “Transfer” tool does not operate, will function on IPhone 6 just fine, but no IPAD. Please get it fixed.

Lagging behind..

The app is solid but lacking in features compared to the iPhone version. Devs should consider making the iPhone version universal, it would make things so much easier longer term.

Hello Mike

Thanks for your response. As fate would have it, the notification for an alert was gone. But now I’ll know what to do if it returns 😄🙂

Over 2 years later, no iPad Pro support

The iPad Pro was first released in later 2015. In the nearly 3 years since, Bank of America has never updated their app to support the larger screen, resulting in a mangled, blown out UI. you’re better off just using the website

Working Again

I was a big fan of this app, but recently more and more features are broken. Touch ID log in, after working for years, no longer works. The alert system is broken (when I try to turn particular alerts on in the app, it claims I have notifications turned off for the app in my iPad settings, when in fact I have them turned on. ETA: I fixed the major problems listed above by uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. I'm leaving the text of the review in case anyone else experiences similar problems.


I put this on my iPad. I called for assistance when it didn’t work. Was told it was my password. Two hours later still won’t log my account onto iPad. Asks for private information each attempt. Bank of a, doesn’t help with bad app!

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